Von Marc’s “P” Litter – Born June 12, 2000 – co-bred with Carl & Diane Colvin

Sire:   Multiple BIS Select Am/Can. CH Von Marc’s Dario v Nelson, PT

Dam:   Multi High In Trial/High Combined V-1, U-CDX, Can. OTCH, Am/Can/UCI Int’l CH Von Marc’s Fantasia v Zaber,

Von Marc’s Pandora v Di-Kar, CD, NA, NAJ, OAP, OJP, CGC  “Bailey”
2003 Top Ten Novice Standard   ~2003 Top Ten Novice Jumpers With Weaves
2005 Top Ten Preferred Novice Jumpers  With Weaves   ~ 2005 Top Ten Preferred Open Jumpers With Weaves
2005 Preferred Open Standard   ~ 2006 Arc Top Ten Preferred Agility

Bailey was owned by Denise Bell

UCI Int’l Ch. Von Marc’s Plum Dandi v Di-Kar  “Dandi”
AKC Major Pointed, unable to finish due to leg injury
ARC Reg.1 Specialty – BPISS & Reserve Winners Bitch – 6 1/2 months of age.
Best Puppy in Sweeps – Castlegar, BC, Canada.

 Multi High In Trial, U-CD Von Marc’s Phantasia v
Di-Kar, CDX, Can CD, RN, OAP, OJP, CGC  “Phia”
2005 ARC Top Ten Agility   ~   2004 Top Ten Novice Standard Preferred Agility
2004 Top Ten Novice Jumpers Preferred   ~   Four AKC High In Trial Awards
Three AKC High Scoring Rottweiler Awards   ~   UKC HIgh Scoring Guardian Award
Phia was owned by Carl & Diane Colvin

Di-Kars Phyre von Siegerhaus owned by von Siegerhaus

Von Marc’s “L” Litter – Born August 29, 2000

Sire:   Am/Can. CH Von Marc’s It’s Bud Time, Am/Can. CDX, CGC

Dam:   Am/Can. CH Von Marc’s Rare Miss

Can. CH Von Marc’s Le Terra v Mystic  “Terra”
Owned by Tammy Bortz

Von Marc’s Lotta JuJu “JuJu
Owned by Suzanne Bell

Von Marc’s Luger’s Magnum  “Luger”

Von Marc’s Bizzie Lizzie v Excel  “Lizzie”
Co-bred with Cindy Widger – Born December 21, 2000

Von Marc’s “G” Litter – Born October 6, 2001

Sire:   Am/Can. CH Farwest’s Arizona, PT, CD, TD, JHD, TT

Dam:   Am/Can. CH Von Marc’s Rare Miss, CGC

Von Marc’s Gesture v Mystic owned by Tammy Bortz
Von Marc’s Gentleman Farmer owned by Karen Skye
Von Marc’s Granit Steinmetz owned by Karin Hathaway

Von Marc’s “J” Litter – Born December 21, 2002

Sire:   Am/Can. CH Von Marc’s It’s Bud Time, Am/Can. CDX, CGC

Dam:   Andee von Siegerhaus, PT

Sara winning the ARC Region 1 Broodbitch Class

CH Von Marc’s Just Sara, CD, TT, TDI, RA, CGC  “Sara”
Sara achieved ARC Gold Producer Status from one litter!
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best Bred By Exhibitor – 2004 ARC Reg. 1 Specialty
Multi Best of Breed Wins/Group Placements
Finished with 3 majors at 19 months
1st Place – Broodbitch Class – ARC Region 1 Specialty, August 17, 2007

Sara was owned by Lenore Waters

Von Marc’s Just Call Me E.J., UD, RE, BH, HIC, CGC, ARC V  “E.J.”
E.J. and owner Denise King finished their UD from the “A” class with three First Place class placements!

Bearpaw Heist von Siegerhaus owned by Michele Shiffler
Von Marc’s Judah Shamar owned by Gayla Chamberlin
Von Marc’s Jackie v Coswald owned by Kellie Cosby
Von Marc’s Jasmine owned by Marla Obregon

CH Nighthawk Camcastle Best Bet Von Marc CGC (Boo”) Born June 18, 2004

Boo finished with Four Majors and multiple BOS wins (owner/handled by Sharon)!
Harold’s Best Friend, Boo lived to one month short of 13 years.
Multi V-1, Multi BISS Am/Can Ch. Von Boylan Antonio Banderas SchH 3, AD, BST, BH, TT, CGC, HIC (ARC Gold Sire)
Multi BISS, Select Ch. Cammcastle’s Quantum Leap Year (#1 bitch)

Von Marc’s “H” Litter – Born August 17, 2005

Sire:   Multi BIS/Multi BISS, V-1 Select CH Gamegard’s U.S. Marshall, RN, CGC – ARC Gold Sire

Dam:   CH Von Marc’s Just Sara, TT, CD, RA, CGC, TDI  – ARC Gold Producer

CH Von Marc’s Here For The Party, RAE,  BPISS, CGC  “PG”
PG finished with FOUR back to back Majors (Nov 2 & 3, Nov 17 & 18, 2007) including WB/BOW at
the 2007 Rottweiler Club of Alaska Independent Specialty!
2006 Rottweiler Club of Alaska Specialty ~ Best Puppy, Reserve Winner’s Bitch and Best of Opposite in Sweeps
2006 Medallion Rottweiler Specialty – Best Junior Bitch in Futurity

RO-68451G25F-PI      Elbows Grade 1 DJD bilateral      RO-CA2626/14F-C-PI-ECHO CERF   RO-5916/2007-18
CHIC #43151     Bred and owned by Von Marc          8/17/05 – 12/15/15

UCI Int’l Multiple BIS, Am/UCI Int’l CH Von Marc’s Happi Hooker, RAE, AKC CDX,
Can. CD, UKC CD, CGC   “Hooker”
Two AKC High In trial Awards, Two CKC High in Trial Awards, MRC Hall of Fame, 2010 ARC Nat. Spec. Best Brace in Show,
2010 ARC National High in Trial, 2009 Top Ten Novice Obedience, 2008 Top Ten Rally 1st – 2009 ARC Nat. Specialty 1st Place Broodbitch, CKC Best Brace in Show, Award of Merit, Finished with 3 majors, all under breeder judges
Shown by Von Marc in all breed classes, by Diane Colvin and  Von Marc for working titles

BISS/Multi BOSS Multi AKC/CKC High In Trial, Multi High-Combined in Trial, UKC High in Trial, U-CDX, UCI  Int/Am GCH Von Marc’s Hi Anastasia Di-Kar, UDX, Can CDX, RAE, TDI, CGC   “Anya”

Anya wins the ARC Region 1 Best In Specialty Show on her 2nd birthday!
2012 Top Ten Open     2011 Top Ten Utility
2011 Top Ten Open Obedience     2009 Top Ten in Breed
2009 Top Ten Open Obedience     2009 Top Ten Rally Advanced
2008 Top Ten Rally Excellent     2007 top Ten Rally Advanced
2007 top Ten rally Excellent     2007 Top Ten Novice
MRC Hall of Fame
(Owner/breeder/handed by Sharon in all breed classes, owner/handled by Diane Colvin in all obedience and rally classes)
Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweeps her first time out as a Veteran at the 2012 Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty!
High Combined and High In Trial at the Mt. Ranier WorkingDog Club Specialty on January 18, 2012!
High In Trial from the Open B class – June 28 – Missoula, MT
High- Combined – June 27th – Missoula, MT
High in Trial!! – May 31, 2011 – Coeur d’Alene Dog Fanciersfrom the Open B class – score of 196!
Anya goes High In Trial and High Scoring Guardian Nov 7, 2010 from the Open B class with a 196.5 finishing
her UKC CDX in style!
1st – Brace Obedience (With Hooker) – 2010 ARC National Specialty
1st – Breed Brace (with Hooker) – 2010 ARC National Specialty
BOSS – Columbia River Rottweiler Club Specialty, November, 2009
Canadian Kennel Club High In Trial – September 12, 2009
Anya finished on May 28, 2007 with three majors at the age of 22 months
First HIGH IN TRIAL earned at 22 months
Columbia River Rottweiler Club Hall of Fame
RO-68405G24F-PI   RO-EL6333F24-PI, RO-CA2633/14F/C-PI-ECHO, CERF RO-5914/2007-18   RO-DNA-72, CHIC # 42414
Bred by Von Marc, owned by Carl & Diane Colvin and Von Marc

Von Marc’s Hi Plains Daydream “Dreama” AKC CD, RN, RA, RE  “Dreama”
Two legs towards AKC CDX, AKC pointed
Owned by Tarri Sorenson

BOSS CH Von Marc’s Hvnly Angel of Brimstone “Angel” AKC UD, AKC CD, AKC CDX, RN, RA, RE, CGC  “Angel”
Finished with 3 majors
Owned by Jodi & Terry LaBombard

Von Marc’s Hakuna Matata “Kindra”

Kindra was named by the children in the schools she visits. Kindra is an active participant in the chidren’s reading programs at the schools as well as working with the elderly in the local hospitals in an extensive therapy program. Von Marc is very proud of Lisa for taking Kindra on to the levels she has in working for the the elderly and children and so proud of Kindra for being such a great representative of our breed!
Kindra was owned by Lisa Medina

Can. BISS Am/Can. CH Von Marc’s Hammer Man  “Hammer”
BISS, 2008, RCC Top Ten 2008, RCC #1 Male

Am/UCI Int’l CH Von Marc’s Hanna, RE, CD, CGC  “Hanna”
Best BBE in Specialty – November, 2007 Rottweiler Club of Alaska Independent Specialty
RO-68467G25F-PI    RO-EL6348F25-PI   RO-CA2732/14F/C-PI
Bred by Von Marc, owned by Lenore Waters
August 17, 2005 – August 26, 2016

Von Marc’s “B” Litter – Born January 8, 2008

Sire:   Am/Can. CH Von Marc’s It’s Bud Time, Am/Can. CDX, CGC

Dam:   BISS/Multi BOSS Multi AKC/CKC High In Trial, Multi High-Combined in Trial, UKC High in Trial, U-CDX,
UCI  Int/Am
GCH Von Marc’s Hi Anastasia Di-Kar, UDX, Can CDX, RAE, TDI, CGC

CH Von Marc’s Bar Room Kate Di-Kar “Katie”
Best Senior Bitch at ARC National Specialty. 2016 Top Ten Rally Advanced, 2014 ARC Top Ten Rally Excellent,
2014 ARC Top Ten Rally Advanced,
A perfect 200 score in obedience! Seven HIgh In Trial Wins! Multi High-Combined
Rally Trial Wins, AKC UD, RN, RA, RE, RAE3,
AKC CDX, AKC CD, UKC CD. CGC, 2010 Top Ten Novice Obedience (#2)! Three AKC High In Trial Wins, Three UKC High In Trial Wins One UKC High Aggregate Win
Best Veteran In ARC Region 1 Specialty at 12 years of age
Owned by Carl & Diane  Colvin

Von Marc’s Brew HaHa Di-Kar  “Brew”
Owned by Allen Kelly

Von Marc’s Bed O’ Roses Di-Kar  “Rosie”

Von Marc’s Beam Of Light Di-Kar, CD, RAE, CGC  “Beamer”
Owned by Chris & Gary McMahan

Von Marc’s This Bud’s For You
Von Marc’s Bodacious Bo Di-Kar
Von Marc’s Baron Di-Kar

Von Marc’s “E” Litter – Born March 31, 2008

Sire:   AOM Multi V-Rated Am/Can. CH Clearwater’s Black Tie Affair, CD, RN, HIC, CGC

Dam:   BOSS/AOM  Multi AKC/CKC High In Trial Am/UCI Int’l CH Von Marc’s Happi Hooker, Am/UKC/CKC CD, RAE, CGC

Von Marc’s Easy Does It  “Krueger”
Krueger was owned by Mike & Daisha Hopp, WA    March 31, 2008 ~ 2016
Multi AKC pointed – owner/handled by Mike

Von Marc’s Essential Catscratch Fever, TDI, CGC  “Teddy”

Flash! Ted earns his T.D.I title, September 26, 2010!
From Miki:Today Ted aced the Therapy Dog International test. Along with that he passed the CGC. I am very proud of Ted, who wagged & wiggled his whole body when walking
through the crowd of people with crutches, wheelchairs, limping, and children, etc. This, as most of you know, is Ted’s element. And, although his most challenging thing is being near other large dominant males, he paid attention to me as he should and behaved very well.”

“Going to the clinic is all in a day’s work for Teddy. We see between 20 & 30 children a day ranging from birth to age 21. They are sick & well kids (physical exams), kids with various physical, developmental, or psychological disabilities as well as regular kids. Kids in poverty, foster kids, military families, and just average families. Ted loves them all. He greets them and helps show them to their exam room, then he goes to get toys to share. When it is time for me to see them, he comes to get me. During the visit, he generally stays by the mother if the child is small. If the child is bigger, he will move around and entertain them more. Every day I get compliments on how wonderful he is. Also comments about how people never thought a Rottweiler could be so sweet. We have over 3000 patients, so Ted has quite a large fan base spreading the word about Rottweilers and about his own wonderful self.

I’m very proud of the work he does each day with the kids in the clinic. He is truly a remarkable dog and a credit to you and your breeding program. Thank you again for bringing him into our lives.”

Von Marc’s Everlasting Beauty  “Micah”
Owned by Sally Kohr

Von Marc’s Ever So Clever Emma “Emma” owned by Mike & Delores Buffum

Von Marc’s “Singleton” Litter – Born October 21, 2008

Sire:   V-1 Multi BIS/Multi BISS AOM CH Nighthawk’s Born For Highwood, RN, CD

Dam:   BOSS/AOM/Multi AKC/CKC HIT Am/UCI Int’l CH Von Marc’s Happi Hooker, Am/Can/UKC CD, RAE, CGC

CH Von Marc’s Swingin’ Single for Highwood, RE, Rally HIT, CGC  “Toto” ARC Bronze Producer
2010 Top Ten Rally Novice, CGC, Finished with 3 majors
2nd – Bred By Exhibitor Bitches – 2010 ARC National Specialty
High Scoring Rottweiler In Rally Trial ~ Albany, OR April, 2010

Von Marc’s “Q” Litter – Born November 6, 2008

Sire:   Multi BIS/Multi BISS/Select 1 Am/Can. CH Avatar Luck Of The Draw, CDX, Can CD, RN

CH Von Marc’s Here For The Party, BPISS, RAE, CGC

BOSS GCH Von Marc’s Quick Draw Eliza Jane, RN, CGC  “Liza”
Finished with four majors from the BBE class, 1st – 12-18 Class at the 2010 ARC National Specialty
from a class of 22 bitches
Owned by Neal & Penny Davis

Von Marc’s Quick Trick Double Down  “Deuce”
Best Puppy in Specialty Show
UCI Best Puppy in Breed (4 times) UCI Group II, Group III

Owned by Tina Rohan & Tracie Moore

Von Marc’s Quit Telling Me No owned by Dave & JJ Shew